My Love for the West Coast

Here lies my new little mascot based on the blog Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. It's a prototype from Sushi You Can Hug by Aleeza McCant. I'd add all the links n' stuff, but for some reason this WIFI in Oregon is being ornery. Here's a short bit of pictures from the past few days! I'll say something more intelligent when it's not 102 degrees outside.

Meet Beatrix and Rambo. If you happened to know The Oatmeal's 'My Dog The Paradox' book, it's based on Rambo here on the right. He's got some attitude and likes to pee on things for fun. Beatrix is my fav though because she submits immediately and lets me pet her belly. I'm all about the non-confrontation.

Portland, how I love thee. And these fine, fine ladies called The Doubleclicks.

This is Sara Richard. She makes my album art and sings AC/DC at Mississippi Pizza karaoke. It's serious stuff with fog machine n' stuff. It's an honor to have her working on my albums and posters. At some point I'll have to get her on board for some album vocals!